Democrat leaders lash out against Corzine’s leniency on illegals

State senator Jeff van Drew, and assemblymen Matt Milam and Nelson Albano are publicly decrying Corzine’s short-sighted slap in the face to all legal citizens. Jon Corzine’s blue-ribbon panel is recommending that illegal immigrants be able to bypass the  strict system in place for residents to get drivers’ licenses.

“We cannot reward illegal activity and punish those that live and work here legally – that is exactly what these proposals do,” said Albano. “These privileges are meant for people that live in our state legally.”

In New Jersey it is next to impossible to arrive at Motor Vehicle and renew your drivers’ license without some sort of hitch. You need to bring a portfolio of paperwork proving your identity. However, Corzine’s panel wants to allow people that violated the law, and in most cases are using assumed names and fictitious identities to be allowed to have drivers licenses not allowed to NJ residents.

With the costs of education skyrocketing, and with unemployment soaring, Corzine also wanst to allow illegals in-state tuitions at our colleges.

“We’ve spoken on this; they’re making cuts to the (NJ) STARS scholarship program; there are cuts to funding for higher education and there are more kids leaving New Jersey to go to college than ever,” said Van Drew in a brief telephone interview Tuesday. “We have to focus on creating jobs and getting out tax base in order.

When are the rest of NJ Democrats going to wake up and realize that Corzine is not good for New Jersey?


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