Corzine defends his anti-Artist stance

Former governor Tom Kean lashed out at Corzine’s illegal cuts to arts funding, threatening to go as far as file a lawsuit.

The latest skirmish in this year’s arts funding war stars former Gov. Tom Kean, who criticized Gov. Jon Corzine’s plan to slash arts funding and said he may file a lawsuit himself if the 2010 budget includes funding that is below the threshold outlined by law.

In another article:

Kean, who rarely criticizes his successors, said he may file a lawsuit against Corzine if the budget is passed without arts funding restored to the statutory levels.

Corzine continues to maintain that he is above the law. Corzine maintains that arts organizations will not be hurt by his short-sighted budget. Appel Farms has already canceled its 2009 renowned annual outdoor arts festival.

Corzine’s defense for shafting artists in his budget? “Everyone is entitled to their opinion…”

Thanks, Jon, for your support of the arts!


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