Furlough them all!

Corzine rec’d permission to furlough state workers. This is a nice gimmick, going after the low-paid government workers rather than make a real impact by eliminating pork and patronage positions that pay the big dollars.

When somebody earns $30,000 or $40,000 a year, those twelve days with no pay do have an impact. Meanwhile, Corzine’s high-paid buddies in patronage jobs walk away Scott-free at the taxpayers’ expense.

In a tense meeting that included the arrests of four union members, the New Jersey Civil Service Commission last week gave Gov. Jon S. Corzine the authority to furlough state workers.

Under a pair of rule changes at the March 25 meeting, the governor will be able to furlough state workers over the next 15 months. He has proposed two days of the temporary layoffs for all state workers before this July; and one per month for the following 12 months


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