Did Corzine buy off Whelan?

Another letter to the editor in today’s Press of AC:

Whelan flip-flopped on pension deferral

It’s refreshing to see so many of our local municipalities in Atlantic County acting fiscally responsible and refusing to participate in Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s “borrow now, pay later” pension gimmick.

When Corzine first introduced the pension deferral concept, Atlantic County’s Democratic Sen. Jim Whelan said, “I think it’s dead.” Whelan went on to say there was nothing that could be “added or detracted from the bill” to change legislators’ minds into supporting the plan.

Whelan went on to call the Corzine pension proposal a “gimmick,” said it is “deferring pain” and declared that he had his “own reservations with it.” After registering all this criticism of Corzine’s proposal, Whelan then cast the deciding vote in favor of it.

This pension plan will cost taxpayers more in the long run. For every dollar deferred under Corzine’s proposal, property taxpayers eventually will have to pay back $1.65.

I can get a better lending rate with Mastercard.

Whelan was right when he called this plan a “gimmick.” Too bad he did not follow through when it mattered.



The fact is,  Corzine’s Democrats will be unable to to avoid this short-sighted fix. They all are happy to use the gimmicks and quick fixes that Corzine campaigned against, and yet continues to offer.


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