Union Busting Corzine

A great letter to the editor in the Daily Record today:

I received a generic letter from our New Jersey government administration informing me about the furloughs to be extracted from the career people in May and June that I had to sign and return.

Yes, I am a state worker, and I am proud to say that we do a good job. Those of us who are career people, that is, who have Civil Service jobs, handle many things that the public does not want to see.

We take care of the unemployment and disability payments, employment services, families in distress, prisoners, ex-offenders, disabled workers, homeless people and run many other everyday programs passed by the elected officials.

We do not get bonuses when things are going great, but now are asked to give up salary because things have gone badly.

The “savings” will not be as big as the governor promised.

Not everyone is being asked to participate in the furloughs. Corrections officers will not be furloughed, nor will other “essential workers.” I work for the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Our department is subsidized by the federal government to the tune of more than 70 percent.

Salaries and benefits are issued by the state, but New Jersey is reimbursed by the federal government.

What will happen to that money if the subsidized individuals are furloughed? Has it been subtracted from the so-called “savings”?

Our union tells us that the state workers’ salaries and benefits come to only 7 percent of the total budget.

This is a proverbial drop in a bucket in terms of the entire budget. I am afraid that Gov. Jon Corzine is attempting to break the unions and to further increase the amount of political appointees that are already here.

The running of government programs should be left to career individuals who have been trained in the various laws and processes and know how the various areas affect what they do in their area.


Budd Lake


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