Tax Revolt!

PolitickerNJ raises the question, where is Jon Corzine?

“The Donohue-Conrad 100 Day Tax Revolt must really have the Corzine Democrats on the run,” Republican Assembly Candidate Mike Donohue says. “We haven’t seen Jon Corzine, Albano and Milam together in Cape May County since protesters were being arrested at the Governor’s Toll-Hike Tour appearance. The voters have had it with the same old tax-and-spend policies that Corzine, Albano and Milam have given us. Money cut from Jersey Fresh, motor vehicle fees increased, property tax rebates eliminated, beach and tourism funding slashed. Looks like Corzine, Albano and Milam want to balance the budget on the backs of South Jersey taxpayers.”

Our position is that Matt “I park in handicapped spaces” Milam and Nelson “owned by the Uniions” Albano need to become men and stand up for their governor and their party.

Take some onwership for the sad state of the New Jersey economy, after all, it is their party’s leadership that got us here.


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