Corzine has broken another promise with his proposed budget. He promised “no gimmicks” and has produced a budget that is nothing but.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has this to say:

The biggest proposed cut is an $895 million reduction in contributions to the state’s pension system. That would widen the shortfall in the state’s retirement plans, placing even larger burdens on taxpayers in future years.

Corzine calls for trimming $361 million in debt payments by refinancing. This would reduce expenses for now, but it could add long-term costs.

Other “savings” exist only on paper, since the projected spending items are routinely ignored.

The largest cut that could make a lasting mark would strike taxpayers, not government. Corzine has proposed axing $517 million in property-tax rebates for homeowners and renters.

The largest savings in government expenses would be $417 million from a salary freeze, furloughs, and other steps to ease labor costs. The savings would last only one year.

The biggest gimmick is that he is using federal money for the largest part of the budget but not including those numbers in his plan.$2.2 billion in stimulus money will be used to sustain parts of the government “off the books”.

If this were a large company, the executives would be facing jail time for cooking numbers the way Corzine is cooking the state’s numbers.


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