Property Tax Relief – a Broken Promise has an opinion piece this morning:

Gov. Jon Corzine ran on a promise of true property tax reform. Instead of reform, he has perpetuated the sham called property tax rebates. The current budget demonstrates this more then ever before.

The governor decides who deserves property tax relief and who does not. The governor decides how much tax relief people deserve. The governor has borrowed and raised taxes to give him this pot of money to dole out just prior to the elections to buy votes.

Government had to be expanded to manage this program. The governor has burdened future generations with unnecessary debt to give him the appearance of helping people in the most-taxed state in the country. I understand people, especially our seniors, look forward to their property tax rebate, but these rebates are nothing but a government tool to avoid true property tax reform.

True property tax reform would not let the governor be able select who wins and who loses. Instead, it would mean every property taxpayer would get their taxes lowered permanently. Everyone who has been excluded from the property tax rebate should look at this not as the loss of a rebate but instead a tax increase since the governor has taken the money they were promised and decided to keep if for himself.

Vince Ferretti



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