Corzine not taking Naval Weapons Station security seriously

A recipe for disaster is brewing at Naval Weapons Station Earle in Monmouth County, and the indifference of Sens. Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez, and Gov. Jon Corzine is inexcusable.

New Jerseyans should know that its three top leaders have shown no support for and only gratuitous interest in a grassroots bid to prevent the U.S. Navy from making 300 units of housing available to civilians at Earle by 2010. The federally owned property has 29 Superfund sites and 300 bunkers storing high-powered weaponry.

Notwithstanding my highest regard for our military, Navy brass are remiss in honoring a 1980s housing contract no longer relevant in an era of terrorism that allows a private developer to rent these homes to anyone through 2040.

This contract will give unimpeded civilian access to these homes … at the same time the U.S. gave Earle $8.16 million to fortify main-gate security a few hundred yards away. The plan is an unfunded mandate of at least $300 million on New Jersey taxpayers, namely in education costs.

The idiocy of this plan is obvious and poses an alarming risk to security, economic and environmental interests of all New Jerseyans. So where are Lautenberg, Menendez and Corzine?

As Chairman of NOPE, a grassroots coalition of 3,000 supporters, and a lifelong resident weary of our leaders’ ambivalence toward a flawed plan that will devastate New Jersey, I urge them to protect us. At the least, they should share their stance. New Jerseyans deserve to know.

Bill Holobowski



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