Why doesn’t the state sue the Governor for incompetence?

Yes, New Jersey, under the brilliant financial expertise of Jon Corzine bought $182 million in worthless stock from Lehman Brothers.

The suit, filed in State Superior Court in Trenton, contends that a “thirst for profit” and “simple greed” by the Lehman executives, including the former chief executive Richard S. Fuld Jr., caused the firm to misstate its financial position when the state bought $182 million of Lehman shares in April and June 2008.

Now, instead of admitting that he is a fraud, he wants to waste taxpayers’ money on a lawsuit that is sure to fail at recouping the lost pension money. Corzine refuses to admit that he made a fortune gambling with other people’s money and jumped a ship called Goldman Sachs with hundreds of millions, just before the taxpayers had to bail them out to the tun of billions.

He rewarded his Wall Street cronies with $182 million, and now wants to point the blame at them! When will New Jersey residents wake up and realize that Corzine was a part of the national fiscal crisis the country now faces?


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