Patronage at High Levels had this to say today:

If anyone is looking for yet another reason to vote against Gov. Jon Corzine in November, here’s one:

The Senate Judiciary Committee last week, voting along party lines, approved Corzine’s renomination of Board of Utilities President Jeanne Fox for another six-year term. If she is cleared by the full Senate, as is expected, she will head the agency for several years to come — unless a Republican wins the governship this fall, in which case a new BPU chairman would likely be appointed.

If it weren’t for Fox’s Democratic connections, including being married to state party strategist Steve DiMicco, who will be directing Gov. Jon Corzine’s re-election effort in the fall, she probably would have been sacked long ago.

Her office remains a patronage pit for party loyalists.

This is the most blatant example of in-your-face patronage from the Corzine administration. Jon, and his Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee just thumbed their noses at every New Jersey taxpayer.

Fox and her management of the BPU came under close scrutiny due to massive incompetence. But Jon has to reward his friends, and allows her to keep a job at which she has a less than stellar performance.

On top of poor management, she had a major ethical lapse when she created an illegal secret $80 million bank account with BPU money.

We won’t even talk about the questionable monies paid out to former employee’s, a consultant being paid almost $1/2 million over three years, special privileges given to neighbors of certain executives, the list of malfeasance goes on and on.

If Jon was serious about cleaning up corruption in this state, he would be looking at his own friends closely. This is just one more reason to elect Chris Christie in November.


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