Kean and Byrne face off on Corzine’s Budget

This is a hilarious excerpt from the blog featuring former governors Kean and Byrne. It is too bad that Byrne has to stick up for an administration that was worse than his own.

GOV. KEAN: This is a very difficult time, and this budget certainly will make it worse. If there’s one thing you learn in Economics 101, it’s that you don’t raise taxes during a recession. President Obama knows it. Mayor Bloomberg knows it. Governor Patterson knows it. But we don’t seem to know it in New Jersey.

BYRNE: You took Economics 101, but I learned to count in first grade. If you can’t count, you can’t get a budget that works.

KEAN: In addition to raising taxes, he’s put $2 billion of stimulus money toward balancing the budget. That means we’ll start next year in a $2 billion hole. If you learn to count, you don’t do that.

BYRNE: Tom, you were going to criticize this budget no matter what. We’re in a depression, and we have to live within realistic budget estimates.

KEAN: I don’t envy you, Brendan, because I know you have to defend this budget, and it’s indefensible.


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