Corzine wants to break law with new budget

Jon Corzine apparently believes he is above the laws of the state of New Jersey. In particular, the laws regarding beach replenishment and funding for the arts.

As governor, he is sworn to uphold the laws of the state, whether or not he agrees with them. But then, we understand that the multi-millionaire does walk (or be driven, as the case may be) with an air of privilege.  Speed limits? They don’t apply to a busy governor. Seat belt laws? They are for the common man, not a millionaire!

After the McGreevey fiasco when all funding for the arts were decimated in the state, despite the fact that for every dollar spent on the arts the state sees over $80 in return, alwa was enacted to ensure a minimum base line of funding.

The state enacted a hotel/motel tax, which yields over $80 million annually. This tax guarantees that the arts will recive a percentage, currently $16 million.

Corzine has given well over that amount of money to such corrupt cities as Camden, Newark and Elizabeth on a regular basis as emergency funding. These cities have not contributed one drop into the bucket to benefit the state.

State Treasuerer Rousseau stated that the Corzine administration plans to blatantly violate the law:

“We will be setting aside those laws,” said Rousseau said in The Star Ledger story. “We didn’t want to be bound by laws that were created that say shore protection has to be this amount. Same thing with arts. Why should they be held at a higher standard just because some Legislature in the past put a law in that says it can’t go below this amount of money?”

Corzine has drawn a line in the sand. He is saying that the system of checks and balances do not apply to him. He is in effect saying that he is above the law.


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