Corzine’s Treasurer calls beer drinker’s “Lower Class”

Jon Corzine once again proved that he is completely out of touch with the working class. David Rousseau, Jon’s choice for treasurer, called beer drinkers “lower class“. Beer drinkers are appalled, especially knowing that a six-pack of a good micro-brew can top $10.

Don’t get me worng, I am certainly not asking that beer be added to Jon Corzine’s latest assault on the working class with new and increased taxes on wine and liquor.

However, this thoughtless slam on the working class and on those of us that prefer an ice cold top quality brew is indicative of the chasm between the multi-millionaire governor and the majority of New Jersey residents in fear of losing their jobs, their homes, their cars as Corzine wines and dines in Manhattan on a regular basis.


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