This is why New Jersey continually elects idiots to office

The New Jersey electorate is uninformed. And yet they continue to recklessly exercise their right to vote, mindless of the havoc they wreck by pulling the lever on election day not knowing a damned thing about who or what they are voting for. A recent Quinnipac poll discovered that even as Chris Christie has a wide lead over Corzine in recent polls, 44% of registered voters have no idea who he is.

Pollster Clay Richards said Christie could gain momentum as more voters find out who he is. Only 44 percent said they’re aware he is a former federal prosecutor with a string of political corruption convictions.

An overwhelming number of registered voters, all supposedly impacted by Corzine’s inability to lead and govern this state, have no clue who the candidates are this year? And they have the gall to pull the lever and make a decision that affects every other resident in this state?

Many of these fools will justify their lack of knowledge by claiming, “Politics bore me”. Guess what? Standing in the unemployment line with 100 people in front of me bores me. How difficult is it to read one newspaper, even the first 3 or four pages in the morning?

How difficult to watch a half hour of the evening news? Oh sorry, the evening news is chock full of droll human interest stories with little content.


One Response to “This is why New Jersey continually elects idiots to office”

  1. W-A-A-A-Y too many also had NO IDEA who Obama was, either. And, I know bunches who are now having ‘buyers remorse.” I’m not talking about uneducated people

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