Quinnipac Poll not good omen for Corzine

A recent Quinnipac poll does not bode well for Corzine.

The most devesating number in today’s Quinnipiac University poll for Governor Jon Corzine is not his upside-down approval rating or his trailing Republican Christopher Christie by nine points — it is voter approvals on his handling of the economy.

Asked if during the economic crisis New Jersey should be led by  businessman like Corzine or a new face like Christie, 37% said a businessman and 49% said a new face.

Even with their distorted question, Corzine does not fare well. What distortion, you ask? They actually call Corzine a “businessman”. Corzine has NEVER run a real business. He made millions in the stock market, which in real terms means he gambled with somebody else’s money. And he was smart enough to get out before the nationwide financial crisis of which he was part came slamming into everybody’s home.


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