Corzine’s message, “Fall in Line”

On John Bury’s blog this morning:

Word is out. The pension deferral bill, A3688 in the assembly (S14 in the Senate), is going to pass. Local governments will not have to make $584 million in pension contributions which would otherwise be due by April 1.

The governing bodies got the message. Budgets are being drafted assuming Union County will not have to come up with $4 million or Kenilworth with $300,000. If, for example, the bill does not pass Union County is planning layoffs just to give more people a rooting interest in its passage.

New Jersey governors from Florio through Corzine have in total stolen $50 billion and counting from the state pension plan. Who are the real criminals here?

And once again Jon Corzine follows through with a gimmick, a quick-fix that he promised during his campaign for governor that he would absolutely never do.  When are the voters of this state going to wake up and realize that he is as corrupt as any politician that has sat in the governor’s office of this state?


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