State Wrong on Inmate Numbers

It appears the State of New Jersey deliberately lied when providing inmate numbers in its case to close a state prison in Camden. If it did not deliberately lie, the administration is completely inept, and somebody should be demoted or fired.

When confirming the decision to close Riverfront, officials said the number of inmates in New Jersey’s prison system had decreased by 5,000 inmates – from about 27,500 to about 22,000 – over the past six years. In reviewing the records, The Star-Ledger found the population actually fell by just 387 inmates during that time.

Fedkenheuer acknowledged the incorrect figures, but said the state was not trying to be misleading.

“It was wrong and it was not deliberate,” she said.

In today’s papers, the story broke that Department of Corrections officials provided misleading numbers. They indicated that the number of prisoners decreased by 5,000, and are working to close the prison in Camden. In fact, the number of prisoners decreased by 387 inmates. That is quite a difference.

The state wants to move the inmates to already overcrowded prisons across the state and close the Camden prison. Camden, a corrupt and troubled city under the total control of the Norcross political machine wants to push its garbage elsewhere. Jon Corzine’s administration seems willing to assist in this conspiracy.

For the past decade, the state’s prisons have held more prisoners than for which they were designed, prompting officials to double-bunk cells and convert program space into dormitories. A budget report from the Office of Legislative Services noted state prisons are operating at 36 percent above their design capacity.

Okay, so which fact is really true? Are our prisons overcrowded, or do we have plenty of room and cannow afford to shut one or two down to save money?

Can we ever get a straight answer from the officials in Jon Corzine’s administration?


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