Corzine’s Budget – DOUBLE Taxation

Property tax relief was Corzine’s campaign issue. He promised it, and he broke that promise. And with his proposed budget, he goes one step further.

Repealing the property tax relief checks, as much a gimmick as they are, is sure to cause a minor discomfort for families that have come to depend on that money once a year. Reducing aid to communities will result assuredly in property tax increases.

And as Corzine yanks the proeprty tax rebate from families earning $75,000 a year or more, he is also forbidding them from claiming proiperty taxes as an itemized deduction on their state income taxes.

His plan includes a double whammy for taxpayers whose household income is over $75,000. They would lose their tax relief checks and would not be able to deduct property taxes on their income tax returns.

That in itself is criminal. People are being taxed on the same money two times, and are receiving absolutely nothing in return.


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