Small Business to take the brunt of new tax hike

The Philadelphia Inquirer this morning, concerning Corzine’s budget, specifically the business payroll tax:

“This is a tax on jobs, and in this environment, where we lost 85,000 jobs last year and 9,300 in January . . . the last thing you want to do is make it harder for employers to keep their employees,” said Steven Wilson, a spokesman for the New Jersey Business and Industry Association.

Anybody that thinks this tax will not severely impact small businesses has never run a business. Corzine’s plan to restructure the state’s finances has been anything but an overwhelming success.

This time last year, Corzine liked to say he was willing to stake his second term on the success of his plan to restructure the state’s finances.

Let us hope his second term is decided by his track record so far. New Jersey cannot afford another four years of Corzine.


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