Cutting everything but taxes and spending!

Corzine’s new budget appears to cut everything except real spending. He’s had 3 years to make deep cuts in spending and failed to do so at any time. Now, he is screaming “crisis” and pointing the finger at everything except for his own inept management of the state. The following are excerpts from NewsDay’s article:

Payroll taxes will increase, state workers must take 12 unpaid days off and forgo raises and property tax rebates will shrink or disappear in the bad-news budget Gov. Jon S. Corzine will propose Tuesday.

Corzine raised the sales tax during his first year with promises that this action would place New jersey on sound fiscal ground.  He promised to bring property taxes back into line. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the opposite has happened.

Corzine’s $28.5 billion budget is certain to contain deep cuts that will return spending to 2006 levels.

Corzine promised to bring the state’s finances into line, and it takes a “crisis” and three years to bring the spending “down” to 2006 levels? If Corzine lied in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 about bringing the spending into line, who in their right mind would belive him this time around?

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak on the budget, say a tax (Business Payroll) increase of about $70 per employee is likely.

Is this what we expect from this genius? Businesses are failing left and right, unemployment is shooting skyward, and his plan of action is to increase taxes on business. This tax will certainly hurt small business owners most of all.

People were duped into voting for Corzine, thinking that New Jersey needed his “business acumen”. It was a ploy, Corzine has absolutely no business experience. He was a Wall Street huckster who made millions gambling with other people’s money. If Jon were on Wall Street today I guarantee that his millions would be worth as much as anyone’s investment with Bernie Madoff.

And to further hit  the middle class Corzine is talking about reducing municipal aid about 2 percent, and cutting into school aid. Don’t count on the property tax rebate (gimmick it is) and don’t count on the 4% property tax cap helping you. Your local school will have to cut programs or raise your tax rate. You local community will have to cut services, if there are any left to cut; or raise your tax rate.

Corzine’s governorship has been a complete fraud, and we are paying for it by being asked to cut back in every aspect of our lives. I ask Corzine and our lawmakers, just what exactly have they cut back on?


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