Corzine’s budget carries city slums on the backs of the suburbs


Governor Corzine’s proposed $29.78 billion budget is another blow to the wallets of suburban taxpayers who have been carrying the state’s financial load too long, say Republican Assembly candidates Anthony Rottino and Joseph Caruso.

“This isn’t a fair budget. It’s a budget that punishes suburban homeowners and business owners throughout the state,” said Rottino, a businessman. “The governor should be making deeper cuts into wasteful programs and demanding that cities do what suburban municipalities do: live within their means.”

Hey Mr. Rottino, nice sentiments, but dream on. The suburbs don’t provide the welfare vote that Corzine counts on to get elected. Corzine has bought every election he has ever run, and this time around he gets to use taxpayer money to buy one.

Corzine proposed a failed plan last year to make small rural communities pay for the State Police force, which is already paid by state income taxes by mandate. He wanted to charge small communities in south Jersey $1.5 million for the use of State Police. However, Camden, boasting its own police force, had State Police presence for free.

In addition, Corzinbe pumped millions upon millions into the failed governments of Camden, Jersey City, Elizabeth and more. The trail of moneyis clear – if your administration is Democrat and corrupt and imcompetent, Corzine will reward you. If you practise fiscally sound policy, he will tax you even further into debt.


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