Corzine forces businesses to pay for past gubernatorial mismanagement brings the business owners’ point of view on Corzine’s anti-business budget proposal.

Business leaders attacked Corzine’s call to increase payroll taxes on employers to sure up the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. The fund, maintained mostly through payroll taxes on employers, is low primarily because it has been raided by prior administrations, with an estimated $4.7 billion siphoned off for other purposes over the past 15 years. “Asking employers to pay for the sins of past — that’s disturbing,” said Jim Leonard, legislative lobbyist for the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

New Jersey is the most anti-business state in the union. This state taxes everything but the CEO’s bathroom habits. Fees are levied every time one turns around. Planning to build? The state levies a 2.5% tax on top of everything, forcing businesses to pay for housing for the people that have no jobs, because gross mismanagement by governors and legislators alike have driven those jobs across the borders. And now with soaring unemployment, Corzine seeks to exacerbate the problem by taxing those that can still manage to employ people even more.


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