Corzine allows DRPA giveaways to take their toll!

Corzine seems fine with continually hitting the working person in the wallet.  From today:

Gov. Corzine will not veto plans to spend $11 million in bridge-toll revenues on six economic-development projects in Camden and Philadelphia despite objections from commuters, Corzine’s spokesman said yesterday.

After the DRPA approved the spending on Feb. 18, the AAA Mid-Atlantic auto club asked the New Jersey governor to use his veto power to block $9.5 million of the plan as an inappropriate use of toll money. The club said it did not object to $1.5 million for infrastructure improvements along the Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden because they were transportation-related.

Millions are being frivolously spent on such items as a $3.5 million for a “President’s House Memorial” near Independence Hall, $2.5 million for a restaurant on Franklin Square, and $2 million for demolition of an office building and nearby improvements in Camden.

Lest we forget, the DRPA just recently raised tolls (it is now $4.00 to cross the bridges) due to dire shortfalls of revenue. It is about time that these appointed boards and our governor get their priorities straight.


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