MSNBC has this critique:

NEW JERSEY: The New York Times has a C.W.-setting “Corzine’s in trouble” piece today. “Three years into the job, Mr. Corzine is still a tough sell or an acquired taste to many New Jersey residents, even in a Democratic stronghold like Hoboken, the place he now calls home. And as his poll numbers deteriorate, with an increasing plurality of people unhappy with his job performance, there is no shortage of people blaming Mr. Corzine for the state’s fiscal woes, singling out his 2007 car accident as the defining event of his tenure, or pining for a more popular politician like the State Senate president, Richard J. Codey.”

The fact that NJ residents would choose Codey bodes ill. Codey is the unelected governor who gave away hundreds of millions of “emergency funds” to his Democrat constituents in his famous “Christmas Tree” giveaway as he left his unelected position as governor after McGreevey left in disgrace.

Codey is the unlected governor that screwed south Jersey residents by stealing an open slot for Superior Court judge from the already over-burdoned Cumberland County and gave the job to one of his friends in his own district in North Jersey. Codey is so enmeshed in dirty New Jersey politics it is ridiculous to even consider him for any position.


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