From today:

Republican Assembly candidates Mike Donohue says it is time to scrap COAH and apply the Governor’s Special Municipal Aid to urban housing. “The Corzine Democrats have dragged us into a COAH-agmire. We need bold leadership to scrap this unworkable plan.”

“While Gov. Corzine’s friends Nelson Albano and Matt Milam were voting in June to impose a tax on builders, Corzine was distributing $150 million in so-called Special Municipal Aid to cities such as Newark and Camden,” Donohue says.  “Corzine simply doles out that money to areas full of Democratic voters, with no legitimate criteria or evaluation.

It seems Van Drew and Company (Albano and Milam) are all about special interests and have fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to steering stimulus money to South Jersey.

Albano is a union hawk who will put the interests of ShopRite above the interests of the community as a whole. Milam is ineffectual and apparently feels he has the right to park wherever he wishes. Both are staunch supporters of Corzine, who repeatedly turns his back on South Jersey and any other republican leaning area in order to divert public money to his constituents (mostly welfare class, or high salary lawyers).


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