New Jersey -Banana Republic

Jon Corzine is now showing his true colors. Rather than honor contracts and the rule of law, he is looking into anything he can use as an argument to circumvent law. he is presently trying to call the man-made, Wall Street induced recession a “natural disaster” so that he can set himself up as a dictator:

New Jersey’s largest state-workers union, the Communications Workers of America, has said Corzine cannot order furloughs unilaterally.

A CWA spokesman said invoking emergency powers would be “breathtakingly arrogant.”

“Even extraordinary circumstances don’t justify the suspension of democratic processes,” the union’s Bob Master said. “There is no excuse for Governor Corzine to assume dictatorial powers when state workers have expressed a willingness to do our part and help the state address its economic problems.

It is too bad that this governor was neck-deep in the Wall Street nonsense that destroyed our economy, before jumping ship. Was he one of the few that saw the writing on the wall and decided to distance himself from the wreckage as an act of self-preservation?


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