Doubletalk has a rather pointed article about the bad news and the worse news.

“I don’t know that there’s any good way to talk to people about increasing taxes, about cutting rebates, about freezing wages and furloughing state workers,” she said. “Typically when governors are faced with that situation, they don’t do it. What they do is rob pension plans and use one-shot budget deals.”

This excerpt is interesting. Corzine, did in fact resort to gimmicks such as robbing pension plans. Didn’t he push very hard recently to have the schools and municipalities pay reduced amounts into their pensions, putting off those expenses to future generations? Isn’t one of the big eggs in his budget basket this year the one time federal bail-out of almost everything except the working person?

What gimmicks does Jon propose for the budget deficit next year, or the year after? Higher cigarette taxes? Didn’t his last cigarette tax fail to bring in the millions of dollars he promised? For all of his financial acumen, he still fails to understand human nature.

Sure, the very poor,those that can least afford it, will continue to buy cigarettes and contribute to his tax fund. The more fortunate will drive across the border, or have a friend do so for cigarette runs. Others will use the higher prices as an added incentive to quit. In the end, the higher taxes will always fail to bring in added revenue. It just turns otherwise honest people into penny ante lawbreakers.


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