A smart man would learn form his mistakes…

Here is an excerpt from great letter to the editor today:

Almost four years ago, Corzine nominated Zulima Farber to be Attorney General. The handwriting was on the wall that she was a poor candidate. The governor chose to ignore these warnings and within six months the people of New Jersey were embarrassed by her actions and forced resignation.

Now we are faced with Corzine’s reappointment of Fox. I’m a political realist. I understand politicians take care of their friends with high-paying jobs. But I also expect there will be some degree of competence in their work.

In 2006, the Treasury Department did a audit and came out with a report detailing a number of serious management problems that would lead one to question her competence. At that point, a red flag should have gone up. Of course, maybe someone on the governor’s staff, or perhaps a good friend, should have had the courage to sit down with him to review his past mistake in promoting a candidate so lacking in integrity.


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