The Courier Post has an editorial piece that cuts to the quick:

Policy isn’t based on what’s best for the state long-term, it’s built around how much the administration can get by with. Trial balloons are how they gauge that. Various ideas are floated, attributed to anonymous sources.

We’ll find out which trial balloons survived in the governor’s budget address Tuesday. Under consideration to plug a projected $7 billion hole in the budget that starts July 1: elimination of property tax rebates except for seniors and the disabled, 12 days of unpaid furloughs for state workers, increased taxes on wine, liquor and cigarettes.

What’s missing? Reducing the size of government. Corzine is a BIG government guy.

The writer takes Corzine to task for talking big about “transparency” in government, but then working behind closed doors and only being made public at the last minute, after trying to figure out what agendas would have the least amount of negative political impact on the governor.


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