Atlantic City Casono Interests own Corzine

It seems that Corzine will work against private interests and in favor of state-owned interests and the big casinos. As reported on the APP today:

Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s new panel to study horse-racing funding issues has representatives from the two state-owned racetracks and casinos but no one from privately owned Freehold Raceway, which also missed out on the governor’s $90 million bailout program for the racing industry.

Here is the clincher – the casinos have dictated Corzine’s policy:

About $6.5 million from Corzine’s horse racing subsidy program had been earmarked for race purses at Freehold Raceway, but payments weren’t made because track officials wouldn’t go along a provision restraining them from expanding gaming operations. The stipulations were set up by Corzine administration officials, Atlantic City casino interests and representatives of the state-owned tracks.

Can we trust Jon to look after taxpayer interests when he is so blatantly beholden to the big money interests in Atlantic City?


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