Doom and Gloom

New Jersey Republicans are worried about Corzine’s posturing lately. The projected state deficit increases every time Corzine opens his mouth.

“He’s trying to set the stage for tax increases,” Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, a Republican from Westfield, said in an interview. “You try to paint a very dire picture up front, so it will make your case that much more compelling.”

Already Corzine has proposed a 5% tax increase on the upper middle-class, and small business owners. He isproposing that public employees, mostly middle class, be forced to take 12 unpaid furlough days a year. He is taking away the property tax rebates, that while truly a gimmick, make up for the ever increasing property taxes caused by statewide mismanagement.

The state income tax was instituted to ease the property tax burden on homeowners by paying for our school system. Instead, we see every politician down the pike find ways to subvert that money and watch as our property taxes shoot for the stars.


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