Can we trust Corzine to not waste the federal stimulus?

From the opinion page:

Given the state’s history, it’s easy to be skeptical about whether the money will be spent wisely and apportioned fairly. That’s why it is essential that the process for distributing the money be completely transparent — something President Barack Obama has promised. His Web site is aimed at letting the public know the ground rules for dispensing the money and allowing it to track where it is going.

Excuse us if we are skeptical. Corzine has a bad habit of defending the indefensible, such as wanting to keep Jeanne Fox as head of the BPU for another six-year term despite gross mismanagement and poor record-keeping under her oversight.

Historically, financial transparency has not been a strong suit in Trenton. Although Corzine in this year’s state of the state address endorsed the creation of a Web site proposed by Sen. Joseph Pennacchio, R-Morris, that would make all state financial information and other data easily accessible by the public, a discussion of the bill in a Senate committee was postponed last week.

Now that last one is an understatement. New Jersey laughs at Chicago and Louisiana when it comes to graft, criminal conduct and fraud in high places in our state. Our legislators cannot even build schools without lining the pockets of inept contractors.

If Corzine wants to be taken seriously, he needs to act quickly to curb graft, or even the appearance of graft.


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