Corzine says he definitely will sign a Medical Marijuana Bill

From Newsday:

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine says he’ll “absolutely” sign a medical marijuana bill for chronically and terminally ill patients if it gets to his desk. Corzine, a Democrat running for re-election, made the comments Wednesday morning on WNYC radio’s “Brian Lehrer Show.” He told Lehrer the law could be structured so patients are comfortable and there are safeguards against abuses.

If the United States would simply legalize marijuana, and collect a minimal tax on every sale, we could see a major change in the economy overnight. How much revenue could we realize almost immediately?

Instead of incarcerating “criminals” we have just saved ourselves the expense of housing non-violent offenders. By decriminalizing, we have put every drug-corner gang-banger pharmacist out of business. Our law enforcement officials can now concentrate on getting the hard drugs off the street.


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