Ideas from the Republican Challengers

Making it harder for legislators to raise taxes and instituting a flat income tax in New Jersey are among the ideas coming from Republicans hoping to unseat Governor Corzine this year.


Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie and former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, two of the contenders in the June GOP gubernatorial primary, discussed state finances in separate news conferences Thursday at the State House.

The state’s fiscal policies have taken center stage this year as the recession has decimated state revenue and forced Corzine and the Legislature to consider midyear spending cuts to maintain a balanced budget.

This week, Corzine, a Democrat, announced that he is forcing state workers to take two unpaid furlough days before the end of the fiscal year in June as part of a larger plan to rework a $33 billion state budget that is projected to be nearly $3 billion short in tax revenue because of the economy.

Making people take a couple days off of work is Corzine’s best shot at fixing New Jersey’s budget crisis which pre-dates the national economic crisis. Corzine is more than happy to blame the economy. However, he failed to take corrective action when the economy was still strong. He not only failed, he adamantly refused.


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