Corzine considering eliminating property tax rebates


With his budget-cutting options dwindling, Gov. Jon Corzine is preparing plans to severely curtail or eliminate New Jersey’s popular property tax rebates for the coming year, multiple sources close to the governor said today.

The rebate checks to homeowners and tenants, which cost the state about $1.7 billion last year, represent one of the largest remaining non-essential spending items in the budget Corzine will present to the Legislature on March 10.

Way to go, Jon. Four years of reckless mismanagement, sort of similar to the way Wall Street has destroyed our economy, and now you are going to eliminate one of the few programs that helps New Jersey taxpayers cope withthe highets property taxes in the nation.

You call it “non-essential”. I am sure that it is not essential to multi-millionaires such as yourself. However, the average working person is strapped with high property taxes, high sales taxes, New Jersey income taxes, highest in the nation car insurance rates and now you want to hit us in the wallet even more.


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