From our favorite blog,

Senator Anthony Bucco, Republican Budget Officer, said this after scrutinizing Governor Jon Corzine’s patchwork plan of one shots for restoring balance to the fiscal 2009 budget:

“The governor now expects a budget shortfall of $3.6 billion because of plunging tax collections and multi-million dollar increases in spending. His proposal for dealing with the shortfall calls for spending cuts of less than half that amount ($1.28 billion) and relies on one shots such as federal stimulus money and raids on already depleted state funds.

“About $283 million is a further irresponsible reduction in what the state will pay to the pension systems. It will make a multi-billion dollar shortfall even larger and push more of the pension problem onto our children and grandchildren. Another $90 million is a reduction in school and municipal aid that is possible only if local governments also are allowed to add to the pension shortfall in April.

We are hard pressed to put this any better. Corzine has been irresponsible and has relied on quick-fixes anf gimmicks throughout his entire term. We expected better.


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