Too Little Too Late?

As reported on

New Jersey Gov. Corzine has ordered the more than 1,100 gas credit cards issued state employees shredded in a move to save money.

“One of the keys to keeping the state on sound financial footing in this unprecedented national economic climate is to continue to scour the budget and find every possible savings,” Corzine said in a statement.

State employees who previously used the commercial credit cards will now be required to use the 72 government  filling stations located around New Jersey, saving  an estimated 77 cents per gallon. Last year that would have saved the state $240,000, Corzine’s office said.

Of course we applaud every cost saving measure that the governor take. The question begs, however, why didn’t he do this three years ago when he raised the sales tax, business taxes and fees, and increased the NJ budget by the millions claiming he had no other option?

Could it be he was saving these token measures for an election year?


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