Silence is Deafening

Letter to the editor on

Only in New Jersey. Numerous towns and counties across the state are reducing budgets, unfortunately laying off people, setting furloughs and trying to make it through these difficult financial times.

Private industry is reducing its workforce by thousands every day. New Jersey is surrounded by other states that are also tightening fiscal belts. But what do we hear from our Wall Street financial wizard, Gov. Jon Corzine? Nothing. Dead silence.

Corzine says he will wait for the federal money. What, to throw more good money out the window?

If he was doing such a great fiscal job here, the folks in Washington might have really wanted him. Unless by November 2009 there are more people feeding from the still very large state budget than there are other registered, common-sense voters, there just can’t be a second term for Corzine.

John Sturtevant


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