Who is lying, Corzine or Katz?

Somebody is lying. Carl Katz swears the personal emails she exchanged with Corzine involved contract negotiations. Corzine swears they didn’t discuss the contracts.

Corzine dated Katz, the leader of the state’s largest state worker union, before he became governor. Wilson argues that the public has the right to see the e-mails Corzine and his staff exchanged with Katz during the 2007 labor talks to ensure no backdoor negotiations took place.

“The public has the right to judge for themselves whether Corzine’s conduct was appropriate,” Wilson said in a statement Thursday. “To do so, they need to see the e-mails and look at Corzine’s actions on this contract.”

Corzine and Katz were involved in the negotiations, though neither were principal negotiators.

Corzine has said the two did not discuss the contract. Katz, in court papers, however, argued that the e-mails should remain private because they involve contract talks, which are exempt from Open Public Records Act requests.


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