Corzine backs Fisher

Even Warren County is reporting this one:

South Jersey Assemblyman Doug Fisher, who fought a proposal to shutter the state Department of Agriculture last year, gained the governor’s endorsement Tuesday to become state agriculture secretary.

“He has character, knowledge and the ability to deal with the political process that invariably comes with this territory,” Gov. Jon S. Corzine said at the annual New Jersey Agriculture Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. “I am thrilled to support him.”

Wannabe politicos such as Lou Magazzu take notice. As much as we are not enamored with Corzine’s performance, we admire his political acumen.

Last year Corzine attempted to eradicate the Department of Agriculture to save a million and a half dollars. This coincided with his desire to fund stem cell research to the tune of $300 Million, and with his willingness to give Camden, Jersey City and other blighted mismanaged cities hundreds of millions in extra state aid.

Fisher had the audacity to stand up to the governor and was the catalyst behind the effort that successfully derailed Corzine’s short-sighted plan.

We give Corzine credit for recognising Fisher’s leadership and dedication to his constituency, rather than being offended by his campaign to save the Dept. of Agriculture.


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