Federal funds to help unemployed from the financial sector

From BizJournals.com:

New Jersey, New York and Connecticut have been awarded a joint $22 million grant to help unemployed financial sector workers, New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine announced Monday.

The states, which according to initial estimates could lose approximately 82,000 jobs in the sector by the end of this year, applied jointly for the National Emergency Grant in November to help those impacted by the meltdown in financial services.

Initially, $11 million will be released, $2.78 million of which will go to New Jersey, $5.5 million to New York and $2.6 million to Connecticut. New Jersey will receive a total of $7 million from the grant, which will be used to fund reemployment services for the displaced workers, including retraining, skills assessments, career counseling and other assistance.

We have an idea. How about forcing the CEO’s and CFO’s that walked away with multi-million dollar bonuses this year to put that money into the fund to help the people that their mismanagement put out of work?

No, that’s too easy. Much better to use taxpayer funds to accomplish this!

If Corzine REALLY wanted to help, he could part with $7 million and not even miss it!


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