Corzine tries to FORCE abortions on Catholics

Cape May County Herald had this item today:

Republican State Assembly candidate Michael John Donohue, in a Monday, Feb. 9 release, called on Gov. Jon Corzine to abandon a lawsuit filed by the state to force Catholic hospitals, among others, to perform abortions against their conscience.

Speaking over the weekend to a group of pro-life advocates in here, Donohue said the suit is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“Current federal regulations allow health care providers opposed to abortion to not offer those services. Existing services are unaffected. Gov.Corzine’s lawsuit seeks to force people to perform abortions against their will and beliefs.”

Personally, I think abortion is a choice. Just as the law should not interfere with personal beliefs one way, neither should it interfere with deeply held beliefs the other. This is a travesty to force practicing Catholics that have an honest belief to turn their back on their god, and to commit what is in their eyes a mortal sin.


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