Philly.com gives one of the few reports that actually presents both sides of this issue:

Corzine made the calls for tougher laws before a roomful of gun-control advocates who had gathered as he signed a law increasing the penalties for illegally possessing machine guns or assault weapons in New Jersey.

It is interesting to note that New Jersey is ranked by the anti-gun Brady Campaign number two in the country as having the strictest gun laws. And yet, I hear gunfire daily on the street around my house by gangbanger thugs that somehow passed the background check when they legally purchased their handguns.

Oh, sorry, that was sarcasm. You see, the problem with criminals is they do not obey the law. That is why they are called “law-breakers”..

Until the liberals such as Corzine decide to get tough on criminals and enforce the laws that we have on the books now, such as “crime with a gun, 3-5 mandatory” – gun violence and crimes will escalate by people that somehow manage to readily acquire guns while law-abiding gun owners are harrassed and subject to laws and regulations limiting their ability to purchase firearms.

If the toughest gun laws in the country cannot stop gun violence, then maybe it is time for the intelligentsia to rethink their plan and view the facts?


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