Corzine calls own plan “make believe math” when presented by Republicans

Today in

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce responded today to comments made last week by Governor Jon Corzine to the Record of Hackensack’s editorial page editor Alfred Doblin. The Governor stated to the Record, “Generally, we have seen the same pattern here in New Jersey. We haven’t had Republican support for the economic assistance and recovery program we put together.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” commented Kean. “In his quote to The Record, Jon Corzine shows he is either misinformed or resorting to hyper-partisan rhetoric. Three of the bills that the governor included in the stimulus package, the throwout rule, single sales factor and the net operating loss deduction, — were contained last May in the Republicans’ Common-Sense Plan for a More Affordable New Jersey, which the governor dismissed as ‘make-believe math’ when it was released.”


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