Corzine on “Business as Usual” Express

In this morning:

The annual Chamber of Commerce train ride to Washington is usually the unofficial kickoff for New Jersey governor’s races, where candidates for the state’s top political job press the flesh and hope to make an impression with movers and shakers.

“I call it the tax-and-spend express,” said Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota. “I went once about 10 years ago and I never went again. This is where all the party insiders, the lobbyists come together. I’m not part of that and I’m running to change it.”

Merkt, an assemblyman from Morris County, said he rode the train a couple of times more than a decade ago only to stop when “I realized what really an unsavory situation it creates. This is about special interests having special access to legislators.”

And Christie campaign manager Bill Stepien issued a statement late yesterday saying “Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie wants to bring real change to Trenton and that comes with ending politics as usual, which this trip has become a symbol of.”


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