And End to Pay to Play?

In today:

In ruling against a road contractor’s challenge to the state’s “pay-to-play” law, New Jersey’s highest court has brought the case against campaign-finance reform to an abrupt and welcome end.

A ringing endorsement of the decision and the law – albeit an unintentional one – came from the contractor’s own lawyer. He told a reporter that the outcome “unfortunately sends a message to contractors to really think long and hard about whether they should engage in any political giving . . .”

That is, of course, the whole point.

Though progressive, New Jersey’s law still has a few serious leaks. For instance, political campaigns and parties can share money more or less at will, which helps some elude the limits.

This is an area where Corzine has been all mouth and no action. He does talk the talk, but he hasn’t walked the walk. It’s an election year.


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