The Fierce Urgency of Now

More fodder:

After dismissing Republicans’ requests to work together for months, Governor Jon S. Corzine is finally pledging to take action to avert massive job losses, home foreclosures and revenue shortfalls in New Jersey. After allowing the problems to build for years due to job-destroying regulation and taxation, Corzine’s administration  now embraces “The Fierce Urgency of Now.”

“Where was this ‘fierce urgency’ last year when we were watching businesses leave the state, a loss of jobs, and a resulting loss of state revenue,” Assemblyman Gary Chiusano, R-Sussex, Morris and Hunterdon, asked. “It’s nice to see the governor has empowered his cabinet and senior staff to lobby Washington and monitor New Jersey’s depleting job base, but what have they been doing before this?”

New Jersey’s unemployment rose to 7.1 percent in December – a 15-year high that places New Jersey at the national average eliminating Corzine’s claim that New Jersey is fairing a bit better than most other states.

“We are not going to get back on the road to recovery until the governor starts working with people who have different ideas instead of waiting for Washington to send us money,” said Chiusano


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