Corzine looks the other way on mismanagement

PolitickerNJ today:

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, State Senator Jennifer Beck released the following statement in response to a Mercer County judge’s refusal to allow a second jury trial to hear the case of a state employee who blew the whistle on gross mismanagement of the public’s money at the Board of Public Utilities:

“The ruling today in no way diminishes the reality that a jury found what everyone knows to be true: a conscientious employee, disgusted with our State government, did the right thing by shining the light on gross mismanagement and waste of the public’s money. Multiple audits have verified the creation of an illegal slush fund, wasteful global travel, inexcusable cronyism, and the worst sort of patronage ran rampant at the BPU. If Governor Corzine re-nominates Jeanne Fox as President of the BPU, he will be sending a signal to the public and employees of State government that cronyism and mismanagement are rewarded by his administration and people who point it out should just sit down and shut up.”


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