Corzine says “NO” to tax breaks

Today in

The National Retail Federation wrote to President-elect Barack Obama last month endorsing three, 10-day periods where no sales tax would be charged and the federal government would reimburse states for lost revenue. The federation estimated a $175 savings for the average family.

“When we proposed a similar idea last fall, New Jersey could have been out in front with a way to provide immediate and substantive help to families and businesses facing tough times,” Polistina, R-Atlantic, said. “Unfortunately, Gov. Corzine made it clear he would not even consider it.”

This month Corzine told The New York Times he couldn’t “imagine a more seriously non-constructive thought” than the sales tax holiday.

“How can any effort allowing people to keep more of their money be ‘non-constructive?’” Polistina said. “I don’t think saving jobs and giving a family nearly $200 is ‘non-constructive.’”


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